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Meet the multi-talented and wonderfully fun-loving Matti Mops, created by Sculptor & Artist Prudence McNellis.

Matti spends her days in her magical studio creating sculptures of her fabulous family & friends, dressing them in their favorite outfits and styling their Matti Mops!

Matti’s family & friends have some special celebrations: memorable vacations, enjoyable sports or hobbies, and
some adorable pets, some even have their own businesses. Sometimes they ask Matti to use her imagination to create a keep sake or gift for a special occasion.

In her trademark red dress and black apron emblazoned with an “M”, Matti starts her day with a bright smile as she walks outside of her studio to greet her new Customers.


“Who will be my first Customer today?” she asked.

As Matti looked around, a beautiful ‘Nubian Queen’ steps forward, “excuse me” she said, “I need your help”. Matti was stunned for a moment as she could not believe how beautifully dressed this Lady was in her long leopard tribal dress and matching turban. Matti regained her composure and smiled kindly at the Lady and replied: “of course, how can I help you?”

The beautiful Nubian Queen followed Matti into her studio where she shared a story of her lovely Grandchildren Yasmina and Salem and  sharing how she enjoyed spending time with them. The Nubian Queen asked Matti if she would create a piece of art so she could mount on her wall at home and see Yasmina and Salem every day. Matti began to gather as much information about Yasmina and Salem, asking the Nubian Queen “what are their favorite toys? Do they have any pets? and how do they like to dress?”

After the Nubian Queen provides all the details Matti begins to create her portrait, then she says to Matti “Oh one thing I forgot to mention, they have Matti hair and hate having their hair brushed, could you style their Matti Mops please?....”

Matti smiles as the Nubian Queen picks up her bag and leaves the studio.

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